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Norman Chella

RoamFM is the podcast all about Roam Research, for members of the Roaman community. Join us as we dive into the minds of amazing Roam users, taking a peek into how they use Roam to create wonderful connections.
Cato Minor: Roam Experiments, Medieval Knowledge Work, MemoryJune 18, 2021 Episode artwork Bardia Pourvakil: Autodidact, Roam Team, and FulfillmentApril 24, 2021 Episode artwork Beau Haan: Roam Book Club, Block-level Zettelkasten, Roaman CommunityApril 10, 2021 Episode artwork Abhay Prasanna: Aesthetics, Personal Salience and SovereigntyMarch 29, 2021 Episode artwork Jeff Morris Jr.: Investing Frameworks, Product ManagementMarch 29, 2021 Episode artwork Ryan Muller: Fractal Inquiry, Spaced Repetition, EducationMarch 29, 2021 Episode artwork Richard Meadows: The First Roaman, OptionalityDecember 21, 2020 Episode artwork Sam Marfleet: Stories, Study Guides, The Hero with a Thousand FacesDecember 21, 2020 Episode artwork Ramses Oudt: RoamStack, Online Courses, Knowledge ManagementDecember 16, 2020 Episode artwork Mridula Duggal: PhD Research, Macroeconomics, Inflation ExpectationsDecember 16, 2020 Episode artwork Cortex Futura: Algorithms of Thought, Political Science and Context-Dependent InsightDecember 04, 2020 Episode artwork R.J. Nestor: Your Road to Roam, Getting Things Done, Non-singing (V1)December 02, 2020 Episode artwork Andy Narracott: Finding Impact, Social Entrepeneurship and Philanthropy (V1)November 25, 2020 Episode artwork Mike Schmitz: Faith-Based Productivity and Sketch Notes (V1)November 21, 2020 Episode artwork Drew Coffman: Leonardo Da Vinci, Roam Community, Nostalgia (V1)November 20, 2020 Episode artwork Joel Chan: Knowledge Synthesis, Analog Media and Zettel QuestionsNovember 10, 2020 Episode artwork Roam Creators x Monetization (Audio Version)October 27, 2020 Episode artwork Mat McGann: Roam for Teamwork, Health HorizonOctober 26, 2020 Episode artwork Brandon Toner: Healthcare, Note-taking Philosophy, Schooling with RoamOctober 14, 2020 Episode artwork Tracy Winchell: Roaman Journal, Three Selves, Next Note to MyselfOctober 07, 2020 Episode artwork Dalton Mabery: Obsidian, Remixing Knowledge, and ElitismSeptember 27, 2020 Episode artwork Ali Abdaal: Content Creation, The Perfect Note-Taking AppSeptember 16, 2020 Episode artwork Aravind Balla: Gatsby-theme-Andy, Learning CurveSeptember 05, 2020 Episode artwork Kahlil Corazo: Fabricating Serendipity, Accessible Genomics, Business Model CanvasSeptember 01, 2020 Episode artwork Jessie Li: Roam/CN and Collective IntelligenceAugust 22, 2020 Episode artwork