Michael Ashcroft: Alexander Technique, Coaching and Roam Culture

July 16, 2020 Norman Chella Season 1 Episode 4
Michael Ashcroft: Alexander Technique, Coaching and Roam Culture
Show Notes

In this episode, we talk with Michael Ashcroft, a consultant, co-founder and Non-Executive Director of the Carbon Removal Centre, a UK-based non-profit organization whose purpose is to advance sustainable carbon removal.

He is also a certified teacher of the Alexander Technique, an awareness-based educational process that helps people live with greater ease and freedom, and a Co-Active coach, working with clients in his spare time.

We talked about: 

  • How he stumbled into Roam Research from Building A Second Brain
  • His workflow when building his second brain
  • The Alexander Technique, and using Roam to expand his understanding of it, and applying it to coaching
  • How he uses Roam as a self-coaching tool
  • #roamcult as a culture, not a cult: The filter for meeting interesting people



  • 02:08 Michael's origin story and meta-realization: Building A Second Brain
  • 04:29 Michael's workflow and version of smart notes
  • 07:09 Deconstructing how to take book notes
  • 8:58 Determine if ideas have their own pages
  • 11:14 Letting go of note-taking structure in advance Re: Evernote
  • 12:41 If Einstein had a Roam...
  • 14:13 Subconsciously building a digital garden
  • 16:29 Multi-graph connections, and unique blocks across Roam
  • 18:09 Synchronising public and Private Roams
  • 19:58 "The onboarding is the #roamcult"
  • 20:44 The Aha! Moment and the many possibilities
  • 21:53 Exploring emotions in Roam and self-introspection
  • 23:53 Co-Active coaching and the Saboteur
  • 25:20 How Michael Ashcroft uses Roam to do self-coaching
  • 27:33 Projects, Areas, Roam, Archives
  • 30:24 Alexander Technique: Undoing habits
  • 34:05 Roam to enhance understanding of Alexander Technique
  • 35:33 Using the right words that resonate better
  • 37:23 Alexander Technique teachers tend to impose jargon on people
  • 38:46 Michael Ashcroft's future plans for Alexander Technique
  • 40:11 A course as a universal resource
  • 41:59 The world is hooked on doing or caring
  • 44:02 How can we help?
  • 46:00 Caring is interference
  • 47:43 Non-doing, and to frame something as a battle is interference
  • 49:42 How would you describe Roam to someone who hasn't started using it yet?
  • 51:06 What does Roam mean to you? Roam Culture
  • 52:28 The secret handshake is #roamcult
  • 54:19 PKM meetups are a filter for interesting people


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