Dalton Mabery: Obsidian, Remixing Knowledge, and Elitism

September 28, 2020 Norman Chella Season 1 Episode 12
Dalton Mabery: Obsidian, Remixing Knowledge, and Elitism
Show Notes

In this episode, we talk with Dalton Mabery, a YouTuber, video editor and tweet thread maker at 20 years old, trying to find the intersection between church and technology. His YouTube channel covers tech, productivity, and lifestyle with a lot of tutorials and guides on many networked thought thinking tools, including Roam.

We talked about:

  • His note-taking origin story, and stumbling into Roam
  • Dalton's information capture workflow, and remixing past knowledge
  • Overcoming traditional definitions of creativity
  • Why he left #roamcult due to negative experiences and impressions: can we be elitist or too cultish?
  • Future-proofing notes and why Obsidian caught his attention

Note: This was recorded a while ago and ever since then, Dalton has made the decision to come back to Roam Research.


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  • 1:19 The fun in reading books: Dalton Mabery's note-taking origin story
  • 3:06 Discovering Roam through Not Overthinking, and the Aha Moment
  • 4:44 Small response from friends when demonstrating Roam
  • 7:51 Dalton Mabery's workflow in Roam and use cases
  • 9:09 How he reads and takes notes on articles
  • 10:35 Creating tweet threads from his notes
  • 11:32 The Master Page and researching for the next YouTube video to make
  • 13:48 Filtering types of content through organization and tags
  • 16:41 Remixing content into other formats and our different note-taking systems
  • 19:09 "If anyone comes up with something completely new, it's probably heresy"
  • 20:33 What new ideas are now, and distilling data into knowledge
  • 22:04 How YouTubers interpret tools, and Austin Kleon says steal, don't copy
  • 25:24 Why Dalton Mabery left Roam
  • 27:06 The elitist vibe of #roamcult
  • 28:52 The host is not happy against elitism
  • 30:59 Comments of potential users being sick of Roam, and Keep Productive
  • 31:56 Creators' responsibility to have a good impression of note-taking tools
  • 33:09 Handling a YouTube channel about Roam
  • 34:37 YouTube comments are can be really good or really bad
  • 37:00 You don't need much to start creating content around Roam
  • 38:34 If you want to start an interview show
  • 40:31 Dalton's looking for guests for his new show
  • 42:00 Future-proof notes, and the advantages of Obsidian
  • 45:33 What happens the tool closes down?
  • 48:23 [[How would you describe Roam to someone who hasn't started using it?]]
  • 49:55 [[What does Roam mean to you?]]


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