Tracy Winchell: Roaman Journal, Three Selves, Next Note to Myself

October 07, 2020 Norman Chella Season 1 Episode 13
Tracy Winchell: Roaman Journal, Three Selves, Next Note to Myself
Show Notes

In this episode, we talk with Tracy Winchell, the Founder of Roaman Journals. A teacher of daily journaling practices to others, Tracy is a self introspective person when it comes to facing ourselves in writing. And when introduced to Roam, she has started implementing the tool into journaling.

In this episode, we talked about:

  • Life before Roam Research: her time as a journalist, within broadcasting and more
  • Her workflow for journaling and introspection in Roam
  • Our relationship with the creator/higher power
  • The intricacies of daily journaling and how Tracy approaches it
  • The three selves, and how we should confront them

There is a part one and part two to this episode, so you might hear a disconnect in the middle of the episode due to technical difficulties. Enjoy!


  • 1:36 Artillery and firing guns
  • 5:04 Accidentally ending up in front of a microphone: Tracy's origin story
  • 8:28 Starting the Reboots Podcast and the moment of clarity
  • 10:23 Discovering Roam Research
  • 14:58 Combining journaling techniques with Roam
  • 19:09 Interviewing Dr. Benjamin Hardy of Personality isn't Permanent
  • 21:26 Outsourcing the recall 
  • 24:04 Tracy's workflow for starting the day: Note to Next Day Self
  • 30:03 Checklists and how they stop you from execution
  • 33:00 2nd Half, and RoamBrain
  • 36:04 The three selves, according to Dr. Benjamin Hardy
  • 40:43 Projecting things into the future, and intersecting future emotions and time
  • 43:25 Just in time wisdom
  • 44:14 Tracy's Reflecting pool, and the Serenity Prayer
  • 50:47 Faith and a higher power
  • 54:00 Introducing Roam to a journaling audience
  • 58:05 Tracy does not want to look at her analog journals
  • 1:02:39 The friction finding something of value in previous journals
  • 1:05:05 What does victory mean to you?
  • 1:10:07 The next trinity of fields Tracy will dive into
  • 1:11:57 [[How would you describe Roam to someone who hasn't started using it?]] and [[What does Roam mean to you?]]


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