Ramses Oudt: RoamStack, Online Courses, Knowledge Management

December 17, 2020 Norman Chella Season 1 Episode 20
Ramses Oudt: RoamStack, Online Courses, Knowledge Management
Show Notes

In this episode, we talk with Ramses Oudt, who is the Co-Founder of RoamStack, helping you find the tools, techniques, and workflows. You need to get the most out of Roam Research. Ramses is a teacher turned technical consultant, a move made possible becausehe is obsessed with knowledge management, having discovered Roam in February this year, after several people urged him to check it out. Roam cured his writer's block after just a few weeks of use and since then he's used it to think more profoundly about work challenges than ever before through RoamStack.

We talked about:

  • Pondering the question: How do I make knowledge my own?
  • His career from telemarketer to policymaker in the HR department and his foray into knowledge management. 
  • Achieving greater knowledge management through Building a Second Brain
  • Implementing the PARA system into Roam and his workflows using the tool
  • The problem with online courses today, as someone who is a prolific online course taker, Ramses shares his insights on why courses are formatted as they are right now as content dumps. 
  • Creating RoamStack, starting from Fabricating Serendipity by Kahlil Corazo
  • The purpose of RoamStack as a knowledge hub for the non-technical Roaman
  • Ramses thoughts on the best practices of managing a shared graph environment.



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