Beau Haan: Roam Book Club, Block-level Zettelkasten, Roaman Community

April 10, 2021 Norman Chella Season 2 Episode 26
Beau Haan: Roam Book Club, Block-level Zettelkasten, Roaman Community
Show Notes

WARNING: This is an explicit episode!

This is for Lydia.

In this episode, we talk with Beau Haan, a trained actor, model, and one of the key pillars of the Roaman community. Leading the Roam Book Club, he's built a space for many participants to share their thoughts with a Roam-specific Zettelkasten method. With up to 300 actives in RBC3, they found the chance to discover more of themselves and their thoughts at block-level.

We talked about:

  • Beau's origin stories, from running away from home to entering rehab and telling stories
  • The loss of loved ones and the impact that has on one's life
  • Discovering Roam Research and how he became a true believer without even trying the app
  • What he learned from his personal coaching sessions with [[Sönke Ahrens]]
  • How questioning the way you learn is questioning your identity

Enjoy the episode!


  • 3:55 How Roam has changed how Beau behaves in the world
  • 7:13 "I'm supposed to be dead": Beau's origin story
  • 11:35 "I wish they had Roam" losing loved ones to drugs or alcohol
  • 13:06 The story of Lydia
  • 19:29 Discovering Roam Research for storytelling
  • 21:21 Signing up for the Believer's Plan
  • 22:25 [[Sönke Ahrens]]' private coaching sessions
  • 25:31 Roam granularity and the power of the community
  • 27:40 Testing Roam Zettelkasten with Roam Book Club
  • 29:16 "You're wrong about Zettelkasten"
  • 32:18 The Angel named [[Matt McKinlay]]
  • 36:19 Learning who you were in Roam Book Club 3
  • 40:29 Preparing for the next wave of Roamans
  • 45:35 Questioning the way you learn is questioning your identity
  • 50:49 Becoming defensive from questioned identity
  • 53:17 Outsourcing our learning methods to others and blaming them for failure 
  • 55:55 We have the fear of public speaking and thinking as ourselves
  • 57:55 [[Sönke Ahrens]]: Forget about the tool and focus on the writing
  • 1:03:50 The rush of being at the peak of a mountain
  • 1:10:17 Emitting the same energy as the believer's call 
  • 1:13:59 The friend, and the RBC Workflow
  • 1:18:30 The beauty of Roam is the people
  • 1:22:07 The Roam Energy, and articulating infinity
  • 1:23:58 Protect the Roamans from those only wanting to make profit
  • 1:29:52 Join the town and be part of Roam
  • 1:31:37 [[What does Roam mean to you?]]
  • 1:33:22 A Letter to Lydia


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